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Global Women's Leadership Network - an international network of women leaders working on issues of human rights, gender equality, sustainable development and global integrity

The Global Women’s Leadership Network (GWLN) is unique in the arena of women’s leadership development. The Network is focused not only on providing programs to develop international leaders but also on fostering the connections that will enable their success. Recent programs have included participants from Pakistan, Nepal, India, Uganda, Egypt, Kenya, Rwanda, and the United States.
...about GWLN Linda: Entrepreneur sees higher calling in aiding women who want to make a difference

Areas of importance and interest include

  • promoting global collaboration by communities of practice through technology
  • supporting women's leadership initiatives
    • economic participation
    • economic opportunity
    • political empowerment
    • educational attainment - open education resources, literacy training, research and best practices
    • world health and well-being


The Women Leaders for the World program is a residential leadership development program that sparks innovation, fosters global citizenship, and expands the capacity and network of women leaders WLW 2008 participants

Groups of up to 120 women come together for facilitated conversations about innovative ideas around a particular theme. Speakers have included Nancy Hafkin on Closing the Information Technology Gender Gap, Marian Stetson-Rodriguez on Building Trust in Global Teams and Anne Firth Murray with Positive Change. Santa Clara University alumni, faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to attend along with the Silicon Valley business community.

Small groups of women in dialogue forge meaningful connections. These forums are held monthly in the San Francisco Bay Area. The model is available for international distribution.

There will be an international student fellowship program during the summer of 2008 for SCU undergraduate students. Our WLW connections in 20 countries will provide meaningful 4-6 week globally-oriented work experiences for SCU students, particularly those from the Leavey School of Business. These experiences will be connected to a special SCU course centered on global leadership principles. There will be a day of reflection and sharing of student experiences during fall quarter.

This conference is designed to bring astute business minds and socially conscious leaders from Silicon Valley. Together we will meet with these global leaders and provide strategic direction to their grass roots projects. webcast

GWLN communication strategy

Global Women’s Leadership Network (GWLN) - community network technologies - news and information, about (purpose, membership, projects, initiatives), committees, special interest groups, synchronous meetings with audio and whiteboard, meeting archives, presentations (slides, slides with audio), chat and chat logs, document sharing, collaboration (public and private), discussion and comment, opinion, resources, history, education and training, mentoring and support, volunteering, financial support, fundraising, friend-raising, press and PR, promotional materials, 3D virtual world presence, mailing lists, newsletters, FAQs

Examples of networks / communities - Global Voices Online, Reproductive Health Blogs - Women in Computing, BlogHer Wikis - WWF Conference

Needs and user types

  • Leader's Group
  • Advisory Board and Governance Board
  • WLW Grads
  • Global Connectors (Mentors for WLW Grads)
  • GWLN network members
  • Global Communities of Commitment

Current preferences

  • GWLN - wordpress admin? - Wordpress - blog, pages, multiple authors (WLW participants, admin, pr...) 35 users free (unlimited $30/year) , mapping an existing domain name is $10/year, private posts, comments, choices of lots of themes - free, probably adequate (completely customizable look $15/year)
    easy publishing by many authorized contributors, official news, updates, pages of static information, WLW participant "journals", comments, general interest postings, links to others - blogs, sites, dynamic
    pictures, sound, video
    ePortfolios for WLW grads, others
  • emails - yahoo / google groups / email lists
  • files, documents - online, links directory/index, tags for retrieval

Technologies for consideration

technologies available to help facilitate, coordinate and promote the work of these groups in their areas of interest, collaboration, develop online communities

  • portal - hub / connecting point for all activities, resources, community information, special interest groups, partners, related organizations - some static information, lots of links, news highlights, about, contact, for more information - MediaWiki, Wikipedia, WikiEducator) .. sample portal, community portal
  • resource site - either general or specialized for such uses as helping to get crafts to market - built collaboratively - WikiEducator GWLN area
  • document / content management - drupal
  • news and updates - GWLN blog - Blogger, Wordpress - with RSS feeds suitable for aggregation with Google Reader, Feedburner - comments on posts
  • email news, discussions - Yahoo groups, Google groups
  • Q and A, FAQs
  • media - images, audio, video
  • mentoring - matching, tracking interactions ?? Kim
  • special interest groups - discussion forums
  • facilitated online / hybrid / blended courses / training - Moodle


Carolyn Feuille

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Citaras - Unique Turkish Arts & Textiles

GWLN Leadership development programs

Education of Women and Girls

  • business management education
  • Girls For a Change - empowers thousands of teen girls to create and lead social change. GFC provides girls with professional female role models, leadership training and the inspiration to work together in teams to solve persistent societal problems in their communities.
  • Dads and Daughters - active, engaged father-daughter relationships help girls grow--and when dads, daughters and others help overcome obstacles for girls and women.
  • Packaging Girlhood - Parent Guide to protect girls from marketers and media
  • Girls' Economic Power Day - inspire independence, create confidence, and instill responsibility in girls aged 14-18
  • Arts Institute for African Artists - art management, leadership, marketing

Open learning repositories

Women's Entrepreneurship and Development

  • Rural Business Development Center
  • Mercado Global - non-profit fair trade organization that links the world’s most rural and economically-disadvantaged cooperatives to the U.S. market through a model that provides both fair wages and investments in community’s long-term development.
  • Endeavor
  • 85broads - promotes the empowerment of women around the world. The ultimate career connection for smart women worldwide
  • leadership skills development - vision, planning, implementation, review; entrepreneurship - financial, social; success, assessment, evaluation, measurement; influence, promotion; fund raising

Women's Health

  • HIV/AIDS - A Cape Town-based NGO, Gold Peer Education Development Agency, has designed a programme for the youth to educate their peers on how to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS. Gold (an acronym for Generation of Leaders Discovered) has a vision to see a generation of young African leaders confronting the root issues of the HIV/AIDS epidemic through uplifting their communities.
  • Project Peanut Butter - Peanut-based Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF) is an energy-dense lipid paste very similar to commercial peanut butter, but with added vitamins and minerals, powdered milk, vegetable oil, and sugar. It has been used successfully in home-based care as the singular therapeutic food for severely malnourished children with a 90% recovery rate. It is produced locally for the children of sub-Saharan Africa

Homeless and Orphaned Youth

Organizational Change

Social Entrepreneurs

Volunteers and Volunteering

Technologies and support

about communication and people, appeals to our innate sense of curiosity, definitely life-enhancing.

  • WikiEducator - wiki - web-based application to encourage participation and collaboration, flexible, platform-neutral and accessible from anywhere there is a net connection.
  • other technologies that can be adopted for communication and information exchange, like Google Calendar, Docs, and Reader and the new photo-editing tools on Flickr. Most are available free of charge, although some are advertising supported.
  • TechSoup provides a range of technology services for nonprofits, including news and articles, discussion forums, and discounted and donated technology products, the technology place for nonprofits
  • TechSoup Stock connects nonprofits and public libraries with donated and discounted technology products. Choose from over 240 products

General resources

  • Her Startup We provide women with the support and information they need to launch their own businesses with the intention of them going on to create economic opportunities for others. We consider ourselves a hybrid organization as we strive to help women in transition by partnering with nonprofits to meet their needs, and participate in projects that will allow us to help women within their own economies.

Suggestions for networking and collaboration

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