GWLN/Entrepreneurship Overview

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This a GWLN pilot project that will serve as the structure for a series of courses and materials for learning about entrepreneurship.

  • About "me" - attitudes, expertise and experience - being an entrepreneur, preferences, needs
  • Opportunities - make, do and connect - basic business models and the differences - production, service, distribution
  • Challenges - financial, people and government - money, contracts, contacts, management, wages, payments, taxes, contracts, bookkeeping

Courses - introduction overview, basics, advanced

  • materials - reading, audio, video
  • discussions - prompts
  • assignments - research, reflection
  • personal accounts - stories, successes, learning experiences
  • Learn more... - links to additional information
  • resources - directories, courses, blogs
  • facilitators - live web meetings, podcasts, summaries, reply to participant posts
  • support - questions, help