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Road Works.svg Work in progress, expect frequent changes. Help and feedback is welcome. See discussion page. Road Works.svg
thinking about workshops and materials for mini courses, samples of existing materials that can be incorporated to demonstrate use of OER, determine what needs to be developed, organize workshops for presentation

suggestions for GWLN online workshops

  • leadership - definitions, styles, personal development / growth
  • leadership project planning, development
  • collaboration (from CIS2)
  • WE Learning4Content - using/creating wiki content and WikiEducator 4-5 learning hours getting started

Q: needs, facilitators, content, format, participation requirements and time

Leadership blogs, news feeds and information sources

Marshall Goldsmith’s blog, Harvard Business School Discussion Leader site Become a More Effective Leader by Asking One Tough Question.

OER leadership courses and materials

WikiEducator - leadership qualities lesson with activities, leadership styles, entrepreneurship development


Wikipedia - leadership development - resources

eleven leadership competencies - outline, nice basic set of skills

  • Getting and Giving Information
  • Understanding Group Needs and Characteristics
  • Knowing and Understanding Group Resources
  • Controlling the Group
  • Counseling
  • Setting the Example
  • Problem-Solving
  • Evaluation
  • Sharing Leadership
  • Representing the Group
  • Manager of Learning

GWLN contacts, contributors, resources

Certified Hudson Institute Coach, a Certified Somatic Coach and Associate through the Strozzi Institute

Maitri, an organization that supports South Asian women facing Domestic Violence issues. certifications in Life and Organizational coaching from JFK University, Pleasant Hill, CA.

Charis Intercultural Training Corporation, a global leadership development and intercultural communication consulting

Work In Progress Coaching, teaches leaders and teams to build the organizational capacity certified PNA Decision-Ready™ Solutions provider, values-based leadership and Rolescript™, a leading-edge talent management approach.

American Environics in Oakland, California Rockridge Institute in Berkeley, California organizational planning, governance discussions, and funding activities as well as project management and research direction of staff and interns. Aspen Institute and the Indian Health Service, FrameWorks Institute (Washington, D.C.)

Korala Consulting

Global Friendship Through Space Education

Fetzer Institute’s Healing the Heart of Diversity Facilitation Leadership Program Banducci wrote a unique "ten point plan" booklet, Making the Differences Work: Closing the Gender Gap–What we can do for the management, employees, vendors, and customers of the Royal Bank of Canada "What is the Contribution Women have to Make that Could be the Strategic Advantage in the Global Marketplace."

“Rethinking Our Thinking” was published in Leading Organizational Learning, a compendium of new thought by authors such as Meg Wheatley, Jon Katzenbach, and David Ulrich.

Carolyn Feuille