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2011 Mini-Conference

Please enter a proposed event, dates and times below (25th October - 4th November). Here is a video that will show you how to add your details to this page.
1. If you haven't done so already, please start a thread in the discussion area for your proposal. In this discussion you can plan your event, ask for help and advice you, and get feedback from other participants about your ideas.
2. All times in New Zealand time please (make sure you double check time zones in relation to day-light saving). International time zones can be calculated using this web site:
3. Use an online scheduling tool such as Doodle. Try not to flood the email group with too many emails as you schedule your event.
4. Make sure your event does not clash with someone else's event. If there is a time clash, the person who has all their event details here first has priority.
5. Please confirm the date/time with the course facilitator before you advertise your event. The course facilitator will attend every event organised by fee-paying students, and give those students feedback. However, Sarah will not be able to attend the events facilitated by students who are doing the course for free.
6. Please feel free to check out how the events from previous years were organised and facilitated.
7. Please use this format below to advertise your event.

Title of the Event:
Date and Time:
Facilitator (with contact details):
Back Up Plan:
Recording Information:


Title of the Event: How to use social media for developing a community of practice.
Date and Time: Tuesday June 21st 12.00 - 13.00 hours New Zealand time - check here for the time where you live.
Facilitator: Sarah Stewart Email Skype: sarah.m.stewart
Presenter: Jane Bloggs
Venue: Elluminate meeting room. If you have never used Elluminate before, here is some information about how to use this particular web conferencing platform. If you have any problems, please contact Sarah Stewart.
Description: Jane Bloggs is a well-known researcher and educator who has been using social media to bring people together who are interested in climate change. Jane has effectively used Twitter and Facebook to coordinate research across the world. Jane will be speaking about her personal experiences and then opening the session for discussion, so come prepared to ask questions and join the debate.
Back Up Plan: Please check the email group for any last minute changes in plans. If for some reason we are unable to use the Elluminate classroom, I will post an email to the email group with alternative instructions. I will also be available on Skype (sarah.m.stewart) to answer last minute queries.
Recording Information: This session will be recorded. Once the session has ended a link to the recording will be posted here.

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