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Unit Standard 21204 Element 7: Assess literacy progress in the training or education programme.


Content and Learning

Demonstrate the use of appropriate methods for assessing literacy progress within a programme.


assessment activity 1

Reflective journal entries

Describe three different approaches you have used to evaluate the effectiveness of a specific course of literacy or numeracy teaching. Report on your findings of the approaches and make suggestions for future uses.


Suggested teaching and learning activity 1

Graphic Organiser

Brainstorm and develop a graphic organiser for evaluation of learning

Purpose: to consider approaches to evaluation. List ways to evaluate literacy and numeracy skill development. In small groups select three items from the list, discuss in more detail who, what, when where, how and why and why not (ie. what are the limitations). Use a graphic organiser or chart to compile the results from each group.


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Performance criteria

7.1 Assessment methods relate to programme objectives and individual learner goals, and identified literacy skill levels of adult learners.

7.2 Assessment methods enable learner self-assessment.

7.3 Assessment methods involve the learner in the assessment process.

Range: involvement includes learner-educator dialogue at all stages, including feedback,diagnostic, formative, summative.

Candidates will demonstrate that they are able to develop and/or use a range of assessment tools and strategies to assess a learner's literacy and numeracy skills in relation to the Learning Progressions.

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