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OER Taskforce

The OER Taskforce is composed of faculty, administrators, and instructional designers from Empire State College's Center for Distance Learning (CDL). The charge of the taskforce is to learn about openness in education and how open resources can be used at CDL.

Members include:

  • Rebecca Bonanno, Faculty Mentor
  • Hui-Ya Chuang, Coordinator of Curriculum and Instructional Design
  • Robert Kester, Coordinator of Curriculum and Instructional Design
  • Claire Miller, Curriculum Design Specialist
  • Ellen Murphy, Director of Online Curriculum
  • Michele Ogle, Assistant Area Coordinator and Math Faculty
  • Katarina Pisutova, Curriculum and Instructional Designer
  • Debbie Staulters, Program Aide
  • Kathleen Stone, Coordinator of Curriculum and Instructional Design

Openness in Education

In January 2012 members of the taskforce began taking David Wiley's Introduction to Openness in Education course. The course required participants to work through 12 different topics on openness in education and create a blog post summarizing what we learned and our thoughts about each topic. Badges could be earned for completeing the course. This wiki is to summarize what we learned, share the knowledge we gained, and the deliverables/artifacts/resources we developed during this process.

Glossary of Open Education

Team Members Blogs

Kathleen Stone's Blog
Claire Miller's Blog
Bob Kester's Blog
Katarina Pisutova's Blog
Hui-Ya Chuang's Blog


March 28, 2012 SUNY Empire State All College Conference

Open Education Resources Poster Presentation

April 28, 2012 SUNY Empire State CDL Conference

Chuang, H., Miller, C., Ogle, M., and Stone, K. (2012, April 28). Lessons learned: An experience in open education. PowerPoint presented at the SUNY Empire State College CDL Conference, Saratoga Springs, NY.

Hand's on version of David Wiley's Licensing game adapted by Miller, C. and Stone, K.

May 31, 2012 CIT Conference

Chuang, H., Murphy, E., Pisutova, K., and Stone, K. (2012, May 30). Open education and a study group approach to understanding it. PowerPoint presented at the SUNY Conference on Instruction and Technology (CIT), Stony Brook, NY.

June 4th, 2012 CDETG Meeting

Ogle, M., and Stone, K. (2012, June 4). Openness in higher education: Understanding the challenge and opportunity. PowerPoint presented at the Capital District Educational Technology Group (CDETG) meeting, Saratoga Springs, NY.

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