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The web has been around for some time now and many businesses have incorporated a website as part of their operations. A website is another way that an organisation can communicate with their customers or potential customers. Organisations primarily used websites to advertise products and services. However today, organisations use websites to sell products and services through online shopping and offer online support to customers.

Websites are also used and created by individuals who wish to tell others about themselves or to provide information on topics of interest.

Blogs, wikis and forums are all internet based tools to allow people to communicate with one another usually around a specific topic or interest. These tools are usually free for people to use and will usually require an email address to register.

Blogs, wikis, and forums can be used as a personal way to express yourself and your interests to the world or to share knowledge and opinions with other like minded people. For example the CLC Tips & Tricks Blog is a blog that provides free computer and technology related tips, tricks and advice.

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Blogs in plain English

  • WordPress:
  • Windows Live Spaces:
  • Blogger:
  • Weebly:


Wikis in plain English

  • Wikipedia:
  • Foswiki:
  • MoinMoin:
  • TikiWiki:


Using discussion boards to engage students

  • Macrumors:
  • Skyline Owners Forum:
  • Gardening Forum:


Extra resources

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  • If you have enrolled for the assessment of this course, check out the Questions forum in Moodle as another example of a forum.