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UNE Research Team
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Sue Gregory
Julie Willems
Ros James

Dr Julie Willems

Julie has responsibility for the major research area of Multiple educational disadvantage.

Julie Willems

Julie has multiple research areas including equity and access issues and learning design. She has responsibility for the research portfolio of ‘access, equity and ethics’, including multiple educational disadvantage. This macro level research theme is one aspect of research and development in distance education system/s. Within this theme, distance education systems and theories will be examined in relation to international, national and state policy agendas. In addition to the theme of access, equity and ethics, other themes on the macro level include the globalisation of education and cross-cultural aspects, distance teaching systems and institutions, distance theories and models, and research methodologies used in, or suitable for, distance education topics and knowledge transfer.

Student Resilience

Equity Issues in Education

This is a special interest group of academics and practitioners to discuss issues relating to multiple educational disadvantage. There are currently representatives from the following Australian institutions participating in the special interest group:

  • University of New England
  • Monash University