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A Glossary of Cultural Studies Terms from the University of Graz

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This is a project intended to establish a glossary of cultural studies terms. It is directed by Klaus Rieser [[1]]. Students of my class "British and American Cultural Studies: Foundation Course" will create the definitions based on the book: Hall, Stuart. Ed. Representations. and other sources (encyclopias, etc.). The students can then use this wiki to prepare for the final exam.

Student: You have to sign up with WikiEducator (please with your real name so I can trace who wrote what). Then please add a term and definition. Or, if there is already a definition, correct it, expand it, etc.

A word on technicalities: Typing in and changing the wiki-text looks at first a bit daunting, in particular the construction of a new article. There is however, a good tutorial on WikiEducator. On the column on the left, go to "Help", then to "Editing basics". I also suggest you form groups with at least one computer-friendly person who can help the others at the beginning. If somebody wants to create a tutorial tuned particularly to our purpose, feel free to add to the following article, which I have started: how to add or edit an article








Subject Position and Subjectivization

Realism (Reality/Fiction)




Symbolic Power

/Visibility and spectacles



--Rieser 11:54, 28 November 2007 (CET)