Cultural Studies Terms/how to add or edit an article

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Add an article:

Go to our main page. Click on the "edit" tab on top. Now you see the text in its "raw", editable form. Go to the end of the text. Type in the term you want to write an article on. Highlight this term and click on "Ab", which makes the term an internal link. You see this, in that the term now has double square brackets around it. It now looks like this: [[example]]. Now, manually, also add a slash-forward within the square brackets, before and after the word, so that now it looks like this: [[/example/]]. (This makes your term a link with an embedded return link to the main page of the cultural studies terms.) You may now want to click on "Show preview" at the bottom, to see the changes you have made. If everything is OK, click on "Save page" at the bottom (important!) That's It! Not so hard, is it?

Change text in an article:

Go to that article. When there, click on "edit". Now you see the text in its editable form. Edit the text. Check out the resulting look with "Show preview". And don't forget to click on "Save page" if you are satisfied with what you did. Of course you can also add links, images, etc. etc.