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The Blogging Handbook

Telling the story is half the fun. Tell your audience what happened and your thoughts and feelings about the event or situation. If you are writing about something you have read it is a good idea if you can provide your readers with a short description of what you found out. There is an example of writing in this way below.

An example of telling the story

This example is taken from Organizing chaos by Sarah Stewart.

Open access learning

The course itself is made up of about 35 people – half are formally enrolled students doing the course for a qualification, and the other half are informal students doing the course for free and for the fun of learning. This is my first experience of this sort of facilitation. Up to now, I have been the ‘teacher’ in very structured online courses that have had no informal students.

This is also my first experience of blogs as learning/reflection tools from the point of view of the facilitator as opposed to the student. So there’s lots of learning going on in this course, for myself as well as the students.

Check out examples of blog posts from previous students

When you read these examples, as well as looking at how the authors have organised their blog posts (pictures, diagrams, chunking of text etc.), see if you can pick if they are writing descriptions (telling the story) and/or using skills of analysis and synthesis.

Examples to look at

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