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The Blogging Handbook

The best thing is to get started on writing and posting. Take a chance and push the publish button. It also pays to look at lots of other people's blogs and see what can be done. It takes time to find your own style so take it slow and build up gradually, and try out new things as you find your confidence. Once you put yourself out there you will soon find out from the feedback others give you whether your posts are interesting or thought provoking. Remember go for REAM - Relevant, Eloquent, Adequate, Motivating.

The stages of writing

Remember you are telling a story (description about what happened or about ideas etc.), using critical analysis - thinking about why something happened or why it is as it is and writing about it - and going a bit further to say what you have learned or decided. At this stage you can start writing about where you are heading (goals) and start to think about the wider issues which may have an impact on your situation (critical reflection). This is a whole new area for this topic which wont be explored just yet.

Examples of blog posts you have found

It would be good to see some examples of blog posts, and why you like them - please do start listing them here.
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