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The Blogging Handbook

Blogging is not just about writing, it is also about breaking up the text with images, and using hyperlinks, it is also about providing your readers with interesting stiff to look at such as video clips, diagrams, audio etc. However, this topic is mainly around what to write and how to write well on a blog.

Blogging offers audiences text and links along with rich media such as video clips, diagrams, and audio. It's about creating content that follows a theme or topic. Popular as a content delivery system. Ability for anyone to produce content and have an audience.

This topic is focused on blog content and style of writing.

My suggestions are:

  • Get straight to the point in the first two sentences - entice your readers and tell them what the post is about;

Summarize the post. Include locations, events and major keywords or facts.

  • Provide a simple and succinct description;
  • Demonstrate your thinking on the topic;

Reflect upon media and technical reflection - quality, text, likeness, genre.

  • Provoke discussion - stating your ideas, challenging and asking questions;
  • Back up your ideas with evidence - hyperlink to items, provide references;

Give attribution to copyright101 authors.

  • Summarise at the end.

What was learnt by writing this post? Look over the media, mention the summery of key moments. A plot twist or upcoming tactic could be used to encourage readers back.


Take a look at the following blog posts which have tips for writing:

  • Write down five tips you would give someone who is starting out.
Blog about what you know and love. Make goals and keep them. Don't worry what others think. Spellcheck. Edit.
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