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System software

System software helps run the computer hardware and the computer system. System software is responsible for:

  • the operation of the computer
  • loading instructions into RAM (from Hard disk) when you turn the computer on
  • running application software
  • letting the user interact with the applications they may be using, interact with the hardware components, and any peripherals (peripherals are extra components you use with the computer e.g. printers, digital cameras, joysticks)

The operating system is one of the main types of system software and is the program that actually makes a computer work. The operating system is involved in starting up or booting the computer, managing the CPU, controlling computer settings, and running printers, terminals, keyboards and disk drives. The most commonly used operating systems are Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X, and Linux.

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  • Complete this online tutorial on Understanding Operating Systems Be sure to watch the short video.