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Application software

Application software are programs that make computers perform specific tasks, such as creating a document, storing data in a database, producing a spreadsheet, browsing the web, and sending and receiving email. Applications are commonly called apps. When you open an application, it runs inside the operating system. In the table below, different types of common computer application software are identified along with their functions and outputs.

Types of Applications Function Output Example
Word processing

Allows editing, formatting etc of words, mail merge, inserting graphics, inserting files created in other programs.

Creates text based documents eg letters, reports, memos.

  • Microsoft Word
  • Writer


Allows calculations and recalculations using mathematical formulae.

Creates number-based worksheets useful for planning, cash flow forecasting and budget tracking.

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Calc


Provides forms for data entry and storage. Data can be sorted, extracted, and reports printed from the database.

Produces fact-based information stored in related files eg formatted reports required for management based on specific data required.

  • Microsoft Access

Desktop Publishing

Provides a layout program that allows you to make different layouts, multi page documents, book folds insert pictures and text.

Creates printed documents, for example newsletters, magazines, brochures, fliers, and booklets.

  • Microsoft Publisher

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