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(Comment.gif: these questions are not necessarily in this order. (from Karma Tshering, email sent: Fri 5/23/2008 10:58 PM))

For Radio:

  1. Education in Palpa. Problems
  2. What was the main idea behind the programme Hamro Pathshala (HP)? How did it get started?
  3. How was the programme initially planned and who were in the planning team?
  4. Description on the development process of the progarmme. Please explain all the process and the steps
  5. How do you describe your programme having successfully implemented for last three years? What has been the experience like?
  6. How do people describe the programme?
  7. Description of the programme design
  8. Was the implementation of the programme as simple as you initially thought while planning?
  9. How often is planning revisited?
  10. How often do radio staffs and teachers meet to discuss about the programme?
  11. Has there been any contribution from schools and teachers?
  12. Under what basis was local teachers selected for this programme?
  13. How do you describe the success of your programme?
  14. What are some of the key lessons learned in last three years?
  15. From this year why only for class ten and not for eight and nine?
  16. How is the HP different from any other radio programme?
  17. What has been the response of the programme so far?
  18. Who are your target students? Rural and urban
  19. Besides students who does the programme target?
  20. How do community people involve or participate in this programme? What has been their role?
  21. What are feedback tools used in the proagramme?
  22. How is the programme made interactive or two-way communication? How do students get their doubts clarified?
  23. What motivates radio to run this programme?
  24. Where do you see this programme in next three years?
  25. Some critics say that the programme is no different from classroom teaching. It is tedious, laborious and some time boring. How do you react on these comments?
  26. A successful programme and still want to improve in future. What are those areas that you would like to improve or lesson learned from last three years?
  27. Challenges faced so far
  28. Was training useful? What do you think that the training has missed out?

For Course Teachers

  1. Education in Palpa
  2. What has been your experience as part of the HP?
  3. How do people describe your programme?
  4. Has the programme been useful to you?
  5. How is this teaching different from classroom teaching?
  6. Is it easy teaching through radio?
  7. How has the programme developed so far?
  8. Description on the development process of the proagrmme
  9. Were you involved while planning this programme?
  10. Description on programme design
  11. Do your content cover anything outside of textbook?
  12. Any references outside of textbook. Example internet, print etc
  13. How do other teachers from your school describe about the programme?
  14. Do other teachers provide feedback? How?
  15. What has been the role of advisory committee? How active are they?
  16. Feedback tools: letter, phone, email, sms
  17. What has been the role of schools? Is there any support from school?
  18. Why only English, Maths and Science
  19. Do schools encourage students to listen the programme?
  20. Experience working with radio staffs? Are they helpful and cooperative
  21. Do you see parents involved in this programme? Influence amongst parents and students
  22. Any suggestions to Radio Station
  23. What is it that you would further like to improve in the programme. Any key lesson learned so far
  24. How do you define the success of the programme?
  25. Challenges ahead
  26. HP for you in two sentences


  1. Your first choice local radio station. Why?
  2. You associate Radio Madanpokhara as…., why?
  3. About HP. What do you understand? Description
  4. How often do you listen? In groups or individual and where?
  5. Any difference from your regular classroom teaching. How?
  6. Your role and involvement in the programme. How?
  7. Is the HP discussed in your classroom amongst other students and your school teacher?
  8. What do you find most interesting about the HP? Why ?
  9. What is your association with radio?
  10. How do you clarify the doubts of such distance education? Don’t you think it is one way education?
  11. Understand that such education benefits more to above average students. Is that true? Weak students find it difficult to follow as there is no repetition
  12. Suggestion to radio teachers and station
  13. Which subject do you listen most and find interesting? Why?
  14. Has the programme influenced your parents? How?
  15. Your perception on radio station
  16. What other programme do you listen besides HP
  17. How is the programme different from tuition on air of Radio Srinagar?
  18. Do your school encourages and promotes HP?
  19. Do you also listen the programme in school?
  20. Is the timing of the programme OK for you all ?
  21. Now the HP is only for class ten. What do you have to say on this?