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Community Radio

Research Questions

(Comment.gif: These questions are for the programme manager and production chief. Also of interest are the teachers involved in their programme. (What is the programme specifically - give a brief description)

Programme Overview
  • What motivated the station to start the programme station on air (TOA)?
  • Who are the audiences (e.g., students, teachers, parents, goverment, community stakeholders, schools (public, private), classes eight, nine or ten, others)
  • How is the community involved in the programme? To what extent? Has this changed over the course of the programme? How, and to what effect?
  • How was the programme planned ..? Who were the people involved in the planning phase? (identity, roles)
  • How long has the programme been running? Does it run throughout the year, or just at exam times? What intervals? Who decided this, and why?
  • What have you learned that works well, does not work well?
Value Proposition
  • How is TOA different from HP od Madanpokhara ..?
  • WWhat is there in TOA that is not found in the HP ..?
  • If you are to learn and copy from HP of Madanpokhara, what are they ..?
  • Viceversa what is that you dont want HP to continue in their programme and you don't want to learn from them or you want Madanpokhara to take away from TOA?

Process Development
  • Who comprises the course (development) team (e.g., teachers, station production team, students, etc.)
  • What are the cost involved in the programme ..?
  • Who are the investors?
  • What has been the Return on Investment (ROI)?

Evaluation / Success
  • What has been the feedback about the programme? By whom, how, by what means - and what have you done with this feedback?
    • How have you measured this? By what means? Intervals? Any adjustments based on results, feedback? If so, what. how
    • What are you most proud of, and why? What could be improved? How about 'quality'?
  • Though very successful programme, there must be something that you would like to further improvise your programme. What could be that ..?
  • Any challenges that you face in this programme ..?

Additional Questions