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About Us

Community Radio Madanpokhara (CRM) went on air in 2000 as the first village based community radio station in Nepal. The radio station is perched on the hillside of the large fertile Madi Valley, 1.5 kilometers from the main highway that joins Palpa to adjoining districts. It broadcasts for 16.5 hours a day, 7 days a week. The main goal of the radio station is to contribute to local development by promoting public awareness and dialogue, knowledge sharing, good governance, community participation and local culture and positive entertainment. It is run, managed and controlled by the broad based media committee comprising of various community people engaged in development works, though Madanpokhara Village Development Committee (VDC) is the legal license holder of the station. In late 2004 with support from UNESCO station added the telecentre facilities, which aim to expand community’s access to information resources and communication tools, both directly through public and training, and indirectly through integration with radio

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