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Karma Tshering Bhutia (Community Media and ICT Consultant)

  • My Resume (as of April 2008)

Key Skills

Over five and half years of field experience to innovate and research local application of community media, information and communication technologies for the development and management; experienced researcher, skilled trainer and writer. Skilled and experience in a wide range of project strategic planning, assistance, coordination and management


UNESCO, New Delhi, India/Kathmandu, Nepal, May 2004-Jan. 2008

Project and Research Coordinator:

  • Community Multimedia (Nepal)
  • Research and Innovation on ICT for Poverty Reduction (Nepal)

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  • Programme management: planning, coordination, budgeting, monitoring, training, implementing, evaluation, reporting
  • Programme and solution development and consultation for local community media and innovative ICT applications
  • Networking: organisation and facilitation of workshops and trainings
  • Planning, supervision, organisation, management and coordination of local research network
  • Networking and coordination with regional research team
  • Management of contractual agreements with local partners and trainers
  • Local capacity building: skills training to local staff and volunteers, local project development, local management/organisation development, field testing and development of multimedia training material on sustainability planning
  • Partnership building, regional and international networking
  • Attendance and participation of national and international conferences in sharing the experiences. Example GK3 in Kuala Lumpur in 2007, New Media Conference in Paris (2007)
  • Personnel management and training: local researchers (30), local staff (40)
  • Project sites in Nepal: Tansen, Madanpokhara, Manigram, Buddha Nagar (Lumbini), Nawalparasi and Chitwan


Community Multimedia

UNESCO’s programme to innovate combinations of traditional and new technologies, e.g. community radio and telecentres. Working with community libraries, learning centre, radios, television and print groups as well as telecentres, the Nepal programme established three community multimedia centres (Tansen, Madanpokhara and Manigram) and one satellite telecentre (Buddha Nagar) in Rupandehi and Palpa districts between 2003 and 2005 Research and Innovation Network on ICT for Poverty Reduction A network of seven research and innovation sites developed on premise that there is a lack of serious, in-depth research on the potential of ICT to contribute to poverty reduction. Ethnographic Action Research methodology developed with London School of Economics and Queensland University of Technology.

Equal Access, Kathmandu (Nepal)

Designation: Research Consultant

July 2005 – March 2006

Key responsibilities

• Support and coordination of 15 local researchers • Research and documentation; reporting • Selection and development of research sites and planning • Local capacity building: Basic and advance research training


As part of its work in Nepal, Equal Access (EA), an international NGO based in San Francisco, is undertaking a comprehensive assessment of all its activities and a year long training and evaluation program of Ethnographic Action Research. MY work focused on training, building the capacity of local researchers, coordinating and supporting the EA research network UNESCO, New Delhi (India)

Designation Researcher and Coordinator: Darjeeling Himalayan Internet Railway Project Work Duration Feb 2003 – April 2004 Key responsibilities • Project development and management: Planning, monitoring and reporting • Organisation and facilitation of workshops and trainings • Research, documentation and regional networking • Capacity building for local staff and volunteers in application of ICT and organisational development • Personnel management: eight local staffs

DESCRIPTION Darjeeling Himalayan Internet Railway (DHIR) comprised four community ICT centres along the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway (DHR) in West Bengal in India. My responsibilities focused on field researching, documenting and coordinating the project sites, building capacity of local staffs and volunteers, programme development and coordination with the larger DHR project.


1 Insight: "Darjeeling Himalayan Internet Railway". In Information for Development (i4d), 2004, Vol. II, No 9. (September 2004)

2 "Giving Impetus to Social Networks: ICT Kurseong Centre"

3 "eRESULTS: Bridging the Technology Divide". UNESCO Community Media and ICT News (September 2004, Issue 2)

4 "Local CMC Photographs World Heritage" - UNESCO Community Media and ICT News (December 2004, Issue 1)

5 "Blind and Visually Impaired Youth Introduced to ICTs at Nepal CMC" - UNESCO Community Media and ICT News (June 2005, Issue 2)

6 "Nepal CMC Recognized for Innovative Use of Cheap and Simple Technologies" - UNESCO Community Media and ICT News (August 2005)

7 Hamro Pathshala: Restoring Local Educational Standard in Nepal (Flexible Schooling) - 2006

8 Forging Innovation: CMC in Nepal (2007),%20Karma%20Tshering

9 New Media: International New Media Conference, Paris (Feb, 2007)

10 Local language computing introduced in UNESCO supported CMCs in Nepal

11 Voices of people with disabilities

12 I too have a story

13 Madanpokhara CMC extends its network to village schools

14 CMC Tansen mobilizes support for reconstructing history

15 Teaching through radio

16 “Our Lumbini” – Building awareness of cultural heritage through CMC


Training description

  • 1. Organisation and Sustainability Planning workshop for staffs of Lumbini Multimedia Centre at Radio Lumbini in Nepal December 2005*
  • 2. Advance unit of Ethnographic Action Research training for ten local researchers of Equal Access, including coordinator and programmers in Kathmandu, Nepal November 2005*
  • 3. Radio Browsing: Assisted and facilitated workshop for nine community radio broadcaster and volunteers in Madanpokhara Community Multimedia Centre October 2005*
  • 4. Basic unit of Ethnographic Action Research training for ten local researchers, including coordinator, programmer and manager of Equal Access Nepal July 2005*
  • 5. Radio Educational Programme: Facilitated the workshop for five teachers and radio broadcaster in Madanpokhara Community Multimedia Centre June 2005*
  • 6. Sustainability planning and organisational workshop for staffs and volunteers of Tansen CMC in Nepal April 2005*
  • 6. Ethnography Action Research training to over 40 local researchers of Community Multimedia, Learning, Libraries and Telecentre in Nepal, India and Sri Lanka June 2004 - Dec 2007*
  • 7. Sustainability planning and organisational workshop for staffs of ICT centres of Darjeeling, India March 2004*
  • 8. eNRICH: training to three community multimedia/ICT locations in Darjeeling and Nepal 2003 - 2004 *
  • 9. Monitoring and organization development training to five community based organization in Nepal October 2008*
  • 10 Organisation and Human Resource Management to staffs of Community Learning and Multimedia Centre in Nepal September 2008*


Delhi University 1995 - 2003
  • Masters in Commerce
  • Bachelor in Commerce (Honours)
  • Bachelor in Law (third year to be completed)


Speaking Writing Reading
English Excellent Excellent Excellent
Hindi Good Good Good
Nepali Excellent Good Excellent
Tibetan Moderate Limited Limited


  • Name in full: Karma Tshering Bhutia
  • Contact details: P.O. Ghoom, Darjeeling, India
  • Email: karmatshering AT
  • Nationality: Indian


Referee details available on request