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Road Works.svg Work in progress, expect frequent changes. Help and feedback is welcome. See discussion page. Road Works.svg

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  • to explain how COL will work with others re: Community Media / Media for Learning Programme
  • to create awareness of the importance of readiness for facilitation as a "process skill"
  • to increase "facilitation as a skill" development in trainer-facilitators, who model it for others
  • to increase effective learning, community engagement and sustainability


  • identify good practices for Media for Learning (as a group);
  • to identify successful / promising formats & analyse the critical success factors for their success
  • to get people to think about processes in developing Effective Learning Programs that span 3-5 years, and achieve specific Program Outcomes
  • Identify at least 2 good processes (outputs)


Schedule / Timetable

Four (4) Weeks before the Workshop (Oct. 14, 2008)

  • L4C workshop customised for the Community Radio participants ~ re: developing OER resource, and sharing with peers (instead of "introduce WE to your Institution) --Randy Fisher 01:39, 14 September 2008 (UTC)
  • Arrange travel, accommodation and logistics

Three (3) Weeks before the Workshop (Oct. 21-27, 2008)

  • wiki skills training begins - with online facilitator support

Two (2) Weeks before the Workshop (Oct. 28, 2008)

  • Online community group - to introduce selves, share ideas for OERs.

Post Workshop B

  • Feedback / review results - based on report back - connected to next 6 months....
  • Buddy system - to each other (peers)

Workshops A + B

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  • to create awareness of the importance of readiness for facilitation and process skills
  • to encourage thinking about processes required to create Community Radio Programmes (which endure 3-5 years), achieving Desired Outcomes
  • to identify critical success factors / best practices (2 or more) - in M4L
  • to strengthen regional (practical) networking
  • to kickstart development of Effective Learning Programmes for Community Radio (as OERs)


  • Increased awareness of connection to COL's Objectives (i.e., CR programmes over 3 years vs. 3 months)
  • Recognition of facilitation as key skill for capacity-building
  • Skills practice in pre-workshop "safe environment"
  • Increased competency facilitating groups and processes


  • Facilitators receive recognition - through Community of Practice, news item, story, etc.

Workshop A (1-day)

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  • to develop new skills (i.e., facilitation)
  • to have an 'experience of facilitation in a safe environment (i.e.., a dry-run)

Pre-Workshop Activity

Day 1

  • COL's strategy & objectives wrt Community Media (Media for Learning)

Activity 1: coming soon...

  • What is facilitation
    • ground rules
    • effectiveness
    • motivation / performance
      • animate attendees if they look tired; resolve conflict; interpersonal issues; language, culture, context, governance, etc.
      • modify programme on-the-go
      • build up trust, and trust in the process

How to Do It

  • examples, materials
  • how to do it, to get there...
  • facilitate the process in that CR station
  • prep activities in safe climate....for next 3 days
  • facilitate skill development in others
  1. Implant Actual Facilitation Skills (Guidelines, tips, practical skills toolkit)
  2. Get people to run specific formats or approaches and debrief (ID leaders in the region to are going to champion....lead facilitation processes
  3. Run exercises, activities and approacthce
  • Spectogram
  • Speedgeeking (set up room, so that it's more fun and interactive
    • 20 observers, 5 people presenting x 4 times (short presentation), 5 ideas = 25 min
  • Participatory....


  • Day 2-5 Workshop debrief
    • What to expect (next three days)

Workshop B (3.5-days)

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Community Media Professionals

  • can I take this info and use it to start a 3-5 year programme at my CR station?

Pre-Workshop Activity


  • Media People bring their Idea for an Effective Learning Programme (ideally, this will be shared in the Caribbean Community Discussion two weeks before the workshop start)
  • Learning Contract for Effective Learning Programme

Day 2

Check-in Review - against Stated Objectives

  • Introduce Media for Learning - objectives
    • ID good practices
    • ID good processes
    • Start Your Learning Programme
  • What are the best practices - present to group
  • Identify / discuss Critical Success Factors
    • refer to Karma Tshering's report

Embed Online Journalism component here?


Day 3


  • Check-in
  • Followup
  • Coding processes
  • What are the most important applications (how do we go about doing this)
  • Have each station report.. (2 min each) share with us
  • Effective Learning Programmes Development (cont'd)


  • Site Visit?
  • Check-out

Day 4

  • Check-in

  • Effective Learning Programmes Development (cont'd)
  • Feedback & Collaboration
  • Practical skills development?
  • Other: Community Multimedia Centres (combining telecentres and radio)
  • Check-out (against intended results)


Post Workshop Activities

Review, Evaluation and Feedback

Other - Process Steps

  • Contact
    • key partner institutions
    • key invitees - identify how individuals selected
  • brief summary of meeting
  • criteria / guidelines for selection
  • outcomes desired
  • date required for appointment (of invitee)

Questions for Alton to Pose

Consultative Tone:

  1. In general: How do you think this workshop would be helpful in achieving your goals? Explain ~ drawing out specifics and suggestions.
  2. Specifically: Meeting learning requirements in the community
    • General goals: How