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About Us

Farm Radio International is a Canadian-based, not-for-profit organization working in direct partnership with approximately 300 radio broadcasters in 39 African countries to fight poverty and food insecurity. Our materials are also available electronically to broadcasters and to rural development organizations in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

What we do – Our program supports broadcasters in meeting the needs of local small-scale farmers and their families in rural communities, and helps broadcasters build the skills to develop content that responds to local needs.

The Network facilitates an exchange of information that:

  • is aimed at increasing food supplies and improving nutrition and health;
  • is simple, safe and practical;
  • is ecologically sound and environmentally sustainable;
  • can be clearly communicated by radio;
  • has been proven useful and transferable within the developing world;
  • requires only resources ordinarily available to small-scale farmers;
  • requires little or no technical help to implement; and
  • meets the needs of both women and men.

How We Work

Radio is our primary method of communication. We gather and research information about successful, low-cost practices in sustainable agriculture, nutrition, health and community development, and produce radio scripts for our partner-broadcasters and others engaged in rural development. They, in turn, share the information with an audience of millions of farmers and their family members around the world.

How to Help

Read about our program, current activities, and challenges facing farmers in Network News. If you want to get involved or have any questions, we'd like to hear from you.

Our Interests

Our Resources