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News Briefs


Community Media Space on WikiEducator

The Community Media Space on WikiEducator ( brings together a global peer group of 40 organisations and 100 people working in community media. The space is for sharing ideas and resources about strengthening media organisations and using media for learning -- about farming, skills development, health, secondary schooling, etc.

WikiEducator is an open source, global education project, in the top 1% of the world's websites, with more than 8,500 registered users and 7,500 unique visits per month. It is among the world's top 100,000 websites.

How is it different?

The Community Media space is a site for Community Media/Radio practitioners to collaboratively develop, share, remix and reuse Open Education Resources (OERs). These are materials directly relevant to the work done in communities around the world --- by people actually doing the work. These OERs include: radio scripts, case studies, training curricula and manuals, workshop materials, learning programmes, pilot projects and more. It's also a networking space, linking members and sharing community events.

Community Media Community of Practice

There is a growing Community of Practice for Community Media / Community Radio professionals, using WikiEducator as a backbone for the development of Good Practices and Workshop Materials / Curricula. Indeed, CR trainer-facilitators from Asia, Africa and the Caribbean are collaborating on developing are collaborating to update and revise their materials, incorporate local themes and issues, and learn from each other. We invite you to join us!

Free Wiki Skills Training

WikiEducator provides free wiki skills training, on a monthly basis, through an innovative program funded by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and the Commonwealth of Learning. We offer an online course and facilitator support to achieve a valuable wiki certification. Learning outcomes focus on knowledge of the mediawiki language (or 'syntax'), and practical applications - for users to put their materials on the wiki. COL offers additional training support for special projects. Talk to us, join us...

You can join us by visiting the Community Media Community of Practice on Google Groups: , by following the instructions to "Join this Group". You will be prompted to enter a Gmail email address. If you don't have one, you can create one. Alternately, you may email Ian Pringle - ipringle at col dot org, and he will subscribe you using your regular email address.