Certificate in English and Engineering

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The Certificate in English and Engineering (C.E.E.)


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(A relationship between Otago Polytechnic (O.P) and Kanazawa Technical College (K.T.C.))

This programme was initiated in 2004 as a pilot programme. It was developed on request of Kanazawa Technical College (K.T.C.), who sought a programme which would give students the opportunity to learn engineering terminology and skills in English as well as specific English learning outcomes in an English language environment. Students arrive in their third year of their five-year Kanazawa Technical College Engineering programme and complete their year three at Otago Polytechnic, so that they can then slot back into their final two years back in KTC. Eventually after completing their fifth year students will be eligible to proceed into a degree course in the Kanazawa Institute of Technology(K.I.T.) –a fully accredited private technical university which is also Japan’s largest institution of higher education specializing in engineering and technology. The Certificate in English and Engineering (C.E.E.) is a one-year programme divided into four terms. Students receive a heavy reliance on engineering terminology and functional language in English before mainstream engineering related classes each day at the beginning of the year. These English specific classes will fully prepare and support students for the content involved with engineering.

The programme aims to develop the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in English as well as developing skills and strategies for independent learning through studying particular areas of engineering.

Subjects Taught

The engineering subjects that are taught are:

1. Mechanics and Strengths

2. Engineering Maths 1a and 1b

3. Computer Programming

4. Electrical Engineering

5. Solidworks Design

6. Functional English

7. English for Specific Purposes

8. English Review and Consolidation

Kanazawa Technical College

Kanazawa Technical College is an engineering college in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan.


All of the students stay on homestays around the Dunedin area.[1]

TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication

Throughout the year, the students do about ten mock TOEIC tests.