English Review and Consolidation

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SMS Code EE404001 Level 3 Credits 10 Total Hours 100 Contact Hours 70 Work Experience Hours Nil Self Directed Hours 30 NQF Units/Other Components contained are:

Aims To review and further develop English for reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Learning Outcomes At the successful completion of this course, students will be able to: • Demonstrate an ability to write reports • Demonstrate an ability to be able to present presentations • Demonstrate an understanding of examination techniques • Demonstrate an understanding of New Zealand culture and history • Demonstrate an understanding of engineering terminology and be able to explain its functions. Content Lecturers will compile appropriate material from classes throughout the year in both engineering and English to be further practised and developed by the students. The content will be determined through an analysis of the students needs and may include topics that the students have already been taught but need extra review to gain maximum understanding.

Learning/Teaching Methods Lecturers will use a range of teaching and learning methods with a strong focus on activities, which will enable students to use all the language skills. Pair and group activities will be used to assist students to develop social and co-operative skills. Lecturers will meet regularly in order to determine the content that needs to be developed further. Individual attention to students needs will be focused on more heavily than other regular classes together with reliance on developing student autonomy.

Assessment Assessment will involve normative reference testing and be carried out by lecturers.

Attendance Requirements 90%

Completion requirements To complete this course, students must meet the attendance requirements and all of the quizzes throughout the year.

Literature References for Curriculum Development Brown, J.D. (1995). The Elements of Language Curriculum. Heinle and Heinle.

Student Reading List

Highsmith, P. (2000). Strangers On A Train. Pearson Education Limited. Fine, A. (1995). Madame Doubtfire. Pearson Education Limited. Theroux, P. (2001). The Mosquito Coast. Pearson Education Limited. Fleischer, L. (1999). Rain Man. Pearson Education Limited. Wallace, R. (1999). Braveheart. Pearson Education Limited