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Tutorial.png Sending and Receiving Messages 

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Section 3 - Sending a Message

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In this section you will:
  • Understand the make-up and structure of an e-mail address
  • Text here
  • Text here

Sending a Message

Create a new message 1. Click New->Mail Message or press Ctrl-N or File->New->Mail Message.

2. Type your message into the message area.

Insert a mail address in the ‘To’ field

1. Type the full email address address of the person to whom you are sending the email into the To window.

2. If you wish to send the email to more than one person, separate their email addresses with a comma.

Copy (Cc), blind copy (Bcc) a message to another address/addresses

Send a carbon copy of the email

You may send a copy of the email to one or more people.

1. If the Cc window is not displayed, View->Cc Field when the Compose message window is displayed.

2. Type the email addresses of people to whom you wish to send copies in the Cc window. Separate multiple email addresses with a comma. This is illustrated in the screen below.

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Key points
1. When you send a Cc, this will be indicated to all recipients of the mail.

2. Recipients of a Cc will not be expected to reply. If you expect a reply from a recipient, include their email address in the To window, not the Cc window.

Send a blind carbon copy

1. If the Bcc field is not displayed, View->Bcc Field when the Compose message window is displayed.

2. If you wish to send a copy to one or more recipients but do not wish other recipients to know about this, use enter their names into the Bcc window.

Insert a title in the ‘Subject’ field

  • Enter a subject into the Subject window.

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Key points
Use a meaningful subject. Many users receive more email each day than they are able to read. Use a subject heading that is meaningful and gives the reader as clear and concise indication of the contents of the email as possible.

  • Click Send when done.

A complete email ready for sending is illustrated on the following screen. Note the use of commas separating multiple recipients in the cc field. Use a spell-checking tool if available and make changes such as: correcting spelling errors, deleting repeated words Enable spell checking

Screen shot

Spell-Checking Tool

Icon key points.gif
Key points
Use a Spell-Checking Tool when available. Make all changes such as: correcting spelling errors, deleted repeated words that are suggested by the tool.

By default, spell checking is not enabled. To enable it: is this still the case in the new version?

1. Tools->Settings.

2. Click Composer Preferences.

3. If the English (British) option is not checked, select it. You may uncheck the other options.

Screen shot

4. You may also select to check spelling as you type.

5. Click OK.

Spell check a document

1. Type your document. If you have selected to spell check as you type, Evolution will mark words it interprets as misspelled.

2. When you have finished, Edit->Spell check document or press Shift-Ctrl-L.

Screen shot

3. You will be prompted with suggestions for incorrect words. Select a correction or press Skip if you do not wish to change the word. Pressing Ignore will skip all occurrences of the word.

4. Click Close when finished.

Icon key points.gif
Key points
You may add new words to the dictionary by clicking the Add word button when Evolution encounters a new word in a document.

Attach a file to a message

  1. Type your document.
  2. Click the Attach icon or Insert->Attachment or press Ctrl-Alt-A.
 (The email message must be open  on the screen when you do this.)
  1. Locate the directory in which the file is located and select the file.

Screen shot

  1. Click OK.

An attachment icon will now be displayed at the bottom of the message.

  • If you wish to remove the attachment, right click on it and select Remove.

Send a message with high, low priority

The priority of a message refers to the importance the messaging system gives to the message.

Messages are stored in the Outbox before they are sent. You can mark the priority of messages while they are waiting in the outbox.

  1. Right click on the message.
  1. Select Mark as Important in the context menu. This will display an exclamation mark next to the message indicating high priority.

Screen shot

The priority option acts as a toggle.

  1. To remove the high priority option, right click on the message and click Select as Unimportant.

Send a message using a distribution list

A distribution list is a list of email addresses that are treated as an entity. Distribution lists provide a convenient way of sending the same email to a number of users at the same time. By creating a number of distribution lists you can work very efficiently with Evolution. Create a distribution list

  1. File->New->Contact list or press Shift-Ctrl-L.
  2. Enter a List name.
  3. Type an email address into the top window of the Members area.
  4. Click Add.
  5. Repeat this process to add new members.
  6. Click Save and Close when complete.

Send an email to all recipients on a distribution (contact) list

  • Type the name of the Distribution list into the To field instead of a normal email address.

Icon key points.gif
Key points
You may click on the To icon to display a list of contacts and distribution lists. You can then select the recipients (contact lists and contacts). Evolution will enter them automatically in the To field.

Forward a message

Forwarding a mail message involves sending a message you have received to one or more other recipients. You may edit the mail message and add your own message before you forward it.

The original message may be sent as an attachment or may be incorporated into the body of the email.

Set the forwarding options

  1. Tools->Settings and click Composer Options.
  2. Click the Forward style drop-list and select the style you wish.
  3. Click OK when done.

Forward an email

Method 1: Use the default forward options

  1. Open the mail message you wish to forward.
  2. Click the Forward icon or Actions->Forward Message or press Ctrl-F.
  3. Add text in the same way you would if you were replying to a sender.
  4. Type in the list of email addresses or a distribution list into the To window.
  5. Press Send when done.

Method 2: Specify the forward option

Replace the second step in the previous method with:

  1. Actions->Forward.

Screen shot

  1. Select the option you wish to use.