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Section 1 - Reading a Measage

Reading a Message

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In this section you will:
  • Understand the make-up and structure of an e-mail address
  • Text here
  • Text here

Understand the Make-up and Structure of an E-mail Address

A flag is used to mark a message as important. Flagged messages are displayed with an exclamation mark next to them. To flag a message:

1. Right click on the message.

Note: Screen shot

2. Click Mark as Important.

The message is displayed in red with an exclamation mark.

Remove the Important flag

1. Right click on the message.

2. Click Mark as Unimportant. (This option will only be available if the message is flagged.)

Mark a message as unread, read

Mark a message as read

Unread messages are shown in bold and read messages in ordinary text in the inbox. In addition, an envelope icon is displayed to the left of the message. In the case of unread mail, this is a closed envelope. You can mark a message as read without reading it.

1. Right click on the message to display the Context menu.

2. Click Mark as Read. Mark a message as Unread

You can mark messages that have been read as not having been read.

1. Right click on the message to display the Context menu.

2. Click Mark as Unread.

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Key points

Both the Mark as Important/ Unimportant and Mark as Read / Unread are toggles. The option displayed in the context menu reverses the current status. Open and save a file attachment to a location on a drive.

An attachment is a file that you send along with the email message.

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Key points

Attachments are a major method for the spread of computer viruses. Be very careful of attachments that you receive from unknown sources.

When you receive an attachment you have the option of saving it immediately without looking at it, or of opening it. If it is a text file, it would be opened in your word processor. An attachment could also be a video or audio file that you would be played on a media player.

Messages that have attachments are marked with a paper clip. Save a message attachment

1. Open a message with an attachment.

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the message where the attachment icon is displayed.

3. Click on the icon.

4. Click Save attachment.

5. The standard Save as window will be displayed in which you will be required to specify the directory location and name you wish to use.

Open message attachment

1. Select the Open option in the context menu.

2. Use File->Save as if you wish to save the document.