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Tutorial.png Sending and Receiving Messages 

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Section 2 - Reply to a Message

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In this section you will:
  • Understand the make-up and structure of an e-mail address
  • Text here
  • Text here

Use the Reply, Reply to all Function

Messages are often sent to a number of people at the same time. When you reply to a message, you may reply to the sender only or to all the recipients of the original message. Reply to a message

1. Open a message that has multiple recipients.

Screen shot

2. Click the Reply icon or press Ctrl-R.

This will display a new window containing the text of the message. The original message will be marked by the > symbol at the start of each time. You may type your reply anywhere you wish, but it is best to type your reply at the top. Where you have to make comments in the body of the original message, it is a good idea to type your replies in a different colour font such as red.

3. Type your reply and click the Send icon.

Reply to All

1. Click the Reply to All icon or press Shift-Ctrl-R.

Screen shot

In addition to the To window, the CC (Carbon Copy) window is also displayed. This contains a list of the other recipients of the original email.

2. Type in the reply.

3. Click Send.

Reply with, without original message insertion

In the previous example, the original message was included in the reply. You may customise this option as follows:

1. Tools->Settings.

2. Click

1. Click Composer Preferences.

2. Click the General tab.

Screen shot

3. Click the Reply style drop down window and select whether one of the options:

  • Quote original message
  • Do not quote original message
  • Attach original message.

4. To keep changes: Click Apply, then OK. To discard changes: Click Close.