CCNC/CCNC Module 5/Data entry using forms/Basic Form Operations/Self Assessment

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Tutorial.png Basic Form Operations 

Opening a Form | Using the Form wizard | Designing a Form | Saving a Form | Deleting a Form | Self Assessment | Summary & FAQs

Self Assessment

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Upon completion of this self assessment the learner will:
  • Create a new form using the forms wizard
  • Design and alter a form
  • Save a form
  • Open a form for data entry and navigation
  • Delete a form

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Portfolio Activity

Refer back to the small school scenario presented during the beginning of this CCNC module. Read this scenario over and review the table design created from the previous sections portfolio activity. Think about how you would structure a form to enter the data for these tables. Is there a need for a subform? Use the Form Wizard

  1. Use the Wizard to create a new form.
  2. Design the new form based upon a One-to-Many table relationship.
  3. Add the mandatory fields to the form.
  4. Add a subform that reflects the many side of the One-to-Many relationship.
  5. Select an arrangment for the main and subforms
  6. Set the data entry approach
  7. Choose a form style (look and feel)
  8. Name the form
  9. Use the form to add and modify some data (be sure to add some subform data)

Altering a Form

  1. Select and open an existing form for editing
  2. Add or change the form
  3. Save and close the altered the form

Adding and Editing Data

  1. Open an existing form
  2. Use the navigation buttons to view records
  3. Press the New Record button to add a new record
  4. Close the Form

Deleting a Form

  1. Select a form and right-click to delete the form
  2. Confirm or Cancel the delete action