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Tutorial.png Basic Form Operations 

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Designing a Data Entry Form

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Upon completion of this tutorial the learner will be able to:
  • Create a form in design view
  • Add controls to the form
  • Set the control properties

Creating a new form in design view

Figure 1. Create new form

Creating a new form in design view can be done by selecting the "Create form in Design View" task. In design view the form is created from scratch without any of the automations provided by the forms wizard.

The design view

Figure 2. Design a new form

In design view the forms fields and buttons are added as controls. The controls are added to the form by selecting the control from the toolbar and "drawing" them on the new form..

Adding controls to the form

Figure 3. Adding controls

Once a number of controls are added to the form they can be arranged and their properties set. The properties determine the style, behavior and data sources for the controls on the form.

Setting the control properties

Figure 4. Popup menu

To set the control properties, right-click on the control and select "Control...".

Figure 5. Control properties

This will display the Properties dialog. This is where the properties of the control are set. Read through all the properties to get a full comprehension for the control properties.

Test your knowledge

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Designing a form


1. A control behavior is set as a property?

Absolutely Correct!
Incorrect, you use properties to set a controls behavior. Click here to review the topic.

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