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Artistic expression documents, anticipates and translates what we experience in our world. Ideas of our identity, everyday life, our social interactions and the natural world around us become subject matter. Art of the past is a resource in understanding how different cultures use the visual language to explain shared experience. Some of the artworks are timeless and sustaining, others are gritty and challenging to look at. All leave footprints on the path we tread: our lives and our world.

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Assignment 3: Virtual Museum (30%)

Create a presentation of a Virtual Museum showing works of art in the categories stipulated below. Using separate slides, present an image of each of the works of art you have chosen. Note: Please check the copyright information at the sources of your images to ensure you have permission to copy each of your chosen works of art.

With your images, include the following important information in the order given here:

  • Title
  • Artist
  • Date
  • Culture/Style/Nationality/Religion (all or some, depending on the work)
  • Site where you found the image/information
  • Curatorial statement: Explain to the viewer any symbolism or interpretative materials they might need to understand the work, information about the culture or artist, time period, subject matter and style. Include any information you think would be important to understanding the work (this may mean doing some research about the style or artist). Make a brief statement as to why you chose the image, what interests you about it, and any personal commentary.

When you are finished, you should have 16 images (the specific number of images needed appears in italics after each category) in total in your Virtual Museum. Where specified, use only examples that are created by members of the cultures and fit the time periods described for each category. Here are the image requirements for your Virtual Museum:

  • Drawing: Contemporary from 1960 to present (2 images)
  • Painting: One image from a non-western culture dated between 100-1000; BCE, and one image from a western culture dated between 1960-present (2 images in total)
  • Printmaking: 1800-present (2 images, each from a different process)
  • Camera Arts: 1830-present (2 images)
  • Sculpture: Prehistory to present (2 images, one from a non-western culture, each choice using a different process)
  • Decorative Arts: 1700-present (2 images, one from an indigenous culture e.g. Native American, Australian Aboriginal, Oceana, African)
  • Architecture: Prehistory to the present (2 images)
  • Your choice of any two works of art or architecture of any time or culture that you find beautiful or interesting for any reason.