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This page is designed to help teachers with the planning of lessons. It contains a wide range of strategies that are useful at different stages of a teaching and learning sequence.


Profiling is the process of getting to know a class, both from a personal and a learning perspective. Teaching is responsive and adjusts to the needs and interests of a particular class. Key strategies for profiling

  • Write a letter
  • PAT/AsTTle data
  • Draw a map, tell a story

Do now activities
Reviewing previous content
  • Noughts and Crosses. On the board draw a 3x3 grid, and number each square 1-9. Have a set of questions numbered 1-9 also. Each team must choose a square and answer the question correctly in order to claim the square.
  • Play odd one out where students choose one thing from a list that is not the same as the rest: dog, cat, horse, parrot etc.
  • more...
Previewing the content of a lesson
  • Find The Question. Choose 5-10 words or phrases. Tell them these are answers and that their job is to think of a question for each one.
Lesson activities
Literacy Strategies

Literacy central contains strategies that are useful for: building vocabulary, using prior knowledge, working with unknown and new vocabulary, assisting memory, using prior knowledge, establishing a purpose, evaluating information, monitoring understanding, recording information, co-operative learning, approaches to writing, composing paragraphs, composing extended texts. More...

Giving Feedback

  • Mix and match, Google Docs, exit cards etc.
  • more...

Groupwork strategies

  • Categorising activity, home and away (jigsaw groups), experts teaching experts.
  • More...

Making use of spaces:

  • Use the kitchenettes as 'clinic space'. Rotate students through the seats by the kitchenette where they have to i) demonstrate they know something or ii) teach another student knowledge or a skill. More...
Plenary activities
Activities for summarising and recapping learning from a lesson:

Reinforcement Strategies

For reinforcing learning in tutorials or at home:

  • Squeeze Texts, collaborative writing, TEMPERS, double bubbles, structured overviews etc.
  • More...