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How can we make better use of our learning spaces?

What are flexible learning spaces?

How can we best make use of them?

Record of unconference session

Informal learning

  • Use the kitchenettes as 'clinic space'. Rotate students through the seats by the kitchenette where they have to i) demonstrate they know
  • Conversation pits
  • Soft furnishings
  • Mats, cushions, beanbags
  • Can we arrange the furniture so that the formal learning furniture is near the windows and the informal furniture is near the centre of the building?
  • Can we be making better use of the traffic areas for informal learning?

Walls and pinboard

  • How do we promote better showcasing of learning on the walls of the learning spaces? Is it a problem of shared ownership?
  • Use the windows to draw things on.


Design Features of the Physical Learning Environment  for Collaborative, Project-based Learning

EDUCAUSE have lots of material on learning spaces:  

  • The 2006 e-book "Learning Spaces" (ed: Diana Oblinger) is well worth a look, particularly chapters 3 ("Seriously Cool Places: The Future of Learning-Centered Built Environments") and 12 ("Sustaining and Supporting Learning Spaces").  
  • Volume 32, Number 1 of the EDUCAUSE Quarterly Magazine in 2009 was a special issue on learning spaces - 14 decent articles and a great photo feature.
  • Malcolm Brown's chapter "Learning Spaces" in the e-book "Educating the Net Generation" is enlightening, in particular Tables 1 and 2 (reproduced below).