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Teacher to student

Comments or grades?

When giving feedback, some research has suggested that giving a grade stops learning. Most to least effective are[1]:

  1. Comment only,
  2. Comment and grade,
  3. Grade only,

Electronic feedback

Use electronic feedback because you can keep a copy of it. Encourage students to go back to their feedback and acting on the recommendations. Use a balance of what is going well and next steps Huge correlation between those that handed in work for milestones and student achievement.

Mix n match

How valuable is teacher feedback? Putting grades in stops learning Reflect on learning Deepen understanding Use codes instead of names. Put feedback on a separate sheet and have the students match the feedback to the original piece of work. Can they match the feedback to the piece of work? At the bottom of the sheet, they need to predict what grade they think they got. Only then would they get their actual grade

Student to student

  • Must be a good, supportive culture
  • Peer observation. Give a partner feedback on how well they are meeting the requirements of the standard, which therefore builds up the student's own understanding of the standard.
  • Student "Teacher Observation". Students teach mini-lessons which are then evaluated by the class participants. Feedback is given: 'Did your teacher use effective communication. If yes, how did it help?'

Google Docs

In Google Docs, you can add a comment in someone's document. If students don't act on them, go into the comment stream and if it is still an issue, choose 'reopen'. Students can ask questions on your comments so you can create a dicussion.

Student to teacher

  • How am I doing? Five point scale: hold up five fingers if you enjoyed that, no fingers if you didn't.

Electronic surveys

Be aware of feedback fatigue.

Exit cards

Little cards at the end of the lesson which are then summarised and shared with the group. Changes to the way classes operate are then negotiated (doesn't mean recommended changes are automatically adopted).

  • I believe tutorials have helped me deepen my knowledge of specialists subjects because:
  • Activities I find helpful in tutorials are:
  • This is because:
  • Activities that I don't find helpful in tutorials are:
  • This is because: