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Well judged starters are useful and functional. Aside from their subject-specific contribution, they:

  • signal to pupils that they have moved from their world into a purposeful learning environment
  • provide a short period of focused activity that helps you take charge of the lesson
  • help create a positive classroom climate

(from Harry Dodds)

Examples of do now/starter activities

  • Noughts and Crosses. On the board draw a 3x3 grid, and number each square 1-9. Have a set of questions numbered 1-9 also. Each team must choose a square and answer the question correctly in order to claim the square.
  • Find The Question. Choose 5-10 words or phrases. Tell them these are answers and that their job is to think of a question for each one.
  • Pictionary. Draw a picture of three different things on the whiteboard (or put up photocopies) and have students identify not only the three items but also the link between them.
  • Define it! Write up a list of words from a previous lesson. Have the students choose three words and write down two different definitions for those words (one correct, one incorrect). Gather them up and have a quiz with the rest of the class.
  • Ask students to find the 'odd one out' in a list: dog, cat, horse, parrot etc.
  • Play who/what am i. eg "Liked Dancing, wore a Cod Piece, married 6 times." (Henry VIII) Have students write their own activities and contribute them back.
  • Add more