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Introduction to writing sentence

Tutorial.png Simple Sentences 

Intro to writing skills | Intro to a sentence | Helping verbs | Adding modifiers | Kinds of sentences | Writing simple sentences | Finding objects and phrases | Here and There | Spelling: Part 1 | Spelling List 1 | Writing with objects and phrases | Verbs that change with Number | Verbs that change with Time | Irregular Verbs | Verb Participles | Writing with verb tenses | Compound Subjects | Subject-Verb Agreeement | Understanding sentence lists | Sentence Fragments | Writing sentence lists | Review for Unit 1 |


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Write three or four sentences on just ONE of the following topics. Try to include at least two sentence lists in your writing.

  1. Write a few sentences about your morning routine. You can describe what you usually eat for breakfast, how you get ready for the day (or for work or school), what you read or listen to or watch on TV.
  2. Write a few sentences that would explain how to do or make something. You could write about how to make a cake, a table, a meal, a campfire, etc. Or you could describe how to plan a subway route, change the oil in a car, cut and stack a woodpile, etc.

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Self Assessment

Would you like to get a mark for this Writing Practice? A mark may give you an idea of how close your writing is getting to GED standards. If you would like to be marked for this writing, just let your tutor know when you send in your homework. You will be evaluated on the following points:

Each sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with a period1 point
Each sentence has a subject and a complete verb3 points
There are at least 3 sentences1 points
There are at least 2 sentence lists2 points
Each sentence list uses commas correctly, and has good parallel structure.3 points
Total:10 points

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This is the last scheduled lesson for Writing Skills Module 1. If you have completed all of the lessons in this Module, let your tutor know.