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Solid timber

Solid timber construction consists of layers of boards laid horizontally. The walls are solid timber on the exterior and interior of the building. The wall is connected to the floor or concrete slab by a steel tie rod that passes from the top to the bottom.

In New Zealand Solid wood homes have a better thermal mass to store energy and produce a better energy performance that traditionally built homes. Research Carried out by Dr Larry Bellamy In New Zealand solid timber house manufacturers have made a partnership to work together towards marketing and promoting a better type of house construction. There are some advantages in this type of construction which they advertise on their website. 

'Solid home manufacturers.




Organic Building NZ

New Zealand Pine Manufacturers Association

To watch Lockwood Video Click Here

To watch time lapse video of building a lockwood home Click here

Assessment activity 1.

What types of solid timber buildings are available in your area?

How do solid timber buildings change the way that site construction is carried out?

Where would you go to find out how to put a solid timber frame building together?