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Alternative Building Construction Methods

Welcome to Alternative Building Construction Methods

Lime and mud render on straw bale
Largely the spotlight for alternative building materials has been on green buildings which feature energy saving in construction by using recycled or low tech materials. Since so many materials are used in the
Steel truss roof frame
construction, the issue of build ability becomes difficult. However there is an inspired change in a range of materials that are easy to use, comply with the building laws and fit in with simple construction methodologies. This wiki describes in uncomplicated terms a few of these materials and aims to direct learners to the suppliers of these materials that then supply the building industry.

Before embarking on a build with alternative materials as part of a structure or peripheral finish, careful research must have taken place prior to the builder starting. The owner of the building or client is usually the first person that has inspired the idea of using alternative materials. The designer must take a lead in ensuring that the way the materials are to be used will match or surpass the building laws that are relevant. In New Zealand (NZ) the parts of the NZ Building code that would be assessed carefully would be around the area of structure, durability and external moisture control.

Engineers and experts are contracted to provide proof that the materials that have been proposed by the client will meet the standards set by the NZ building code. This proof can be provided in a number of ways and it is called an alternative solution. A range of tools exists to establish the compliance. These can be found here Alternative solutions