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International Development & Capacity Building (NGO)

See: http://www.ngopulse.org/about

Organization work in summary

  1. Organization is network based regional NGO focusing on Africa capacity building needs for effective Health response
  2. A total of 25 training institutions make up the network organization. A secretariat coordinates the implementation of the strategic plan. Key activities involve the member institutions in identifying training priorities, developing and delivering Health training courses; advocacy for Health capacity building; creating knowledge and sharing information on best practices.
  3. In the new 5-year strategic plan among other priorities, Organization intends to strengthen utilization of innovation approaches for capacity building to expand reach of its programmes and overcome limitations of ordinary training methods.

Defining the learning community and learning needs is central

  1. Every year Organization graduates about 2,500 trainees/alumni. These could become a learning community to further sharing of the application of the new knowledge acquired in different areas. For instance the Alumni of a specific training programme such as Health counselling could become a specific learning community etc
  2. Organization could identify, based on cumulative needs assessment data as well as feedback from stakeholders and partners, priority areas requiring capacity building. Then different areas and topics could help define multiple learning communities. A call will be made through emails and members/partners websites for health professionals to join relevant learning communities online.
  3. Organization intends to implement a Service Initiative. The project intends to call for applications from Health Service Organizations (HSOs) indicating which areas they require capacity building and the rationale for addressing such capacity gaps. In response Organization will help to identify best solutions aligned to the successful applications. This now means that the HSOs with common with common training needs could form a learning community which is then linked to team of mentors etc.
  4. Among other key objectives of Organization is to build the capacity of its network members in order to provide quality training programmes. As such Organization from time to time facilitates hold training workshops for trainers and training managers from its network member institutions.

Creating and effective and efficient hub for coordinating the project is critical:

  1. Need to reflect on what online platform could serve the project well.
  2. Identify required skills to work with and coordinate the needs of learning communities. For instance who will be at the centre of coordinating the project? Clearly define what will be the roles of each of the partners in the project.
  3. Take into account challenges associated with internet services in developing countries
  4. Any exit processes and award of certificates for different learning communities??
  5. Marketing and promotion of the concept of online learning communities etc?? The
  6. Monitoring and Evaluation quality assurance and report on impact is vital.
  7. How cost effective would the project be to justify investment? The coordinating hub and its workplan should have adequate resources and related resources mobilization.