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Case Studies

(Comment.gif: Gurmit - let's see about compiling case studies from industry, using online collaboration, training, mentoring apprroaches. - Randy Fisher 17:18, 22 September 2010 (UTC))

Sun Microsystems

  • After a 1-week training workshop, a new sales hire took 15 months to reach their quota of US$5 Mln/year. - case study by Jay Cross.
  • Design: A revised sales training program was developed incorporating an e-learning course PLUS a 1-week case study workshop AND followed by ongoing coaching to improve performance.
  • Approach: This application of the 3-Os model allowed for all conceptualizations of learning: try, interact, access, network, perform, create and learning styles and mechanisms to flourish for different kinds of adults, rather than simply the behaviouralist objectivist didactic training approach.
  • Results: The cohort of sales hires who participated in this approach (using the 3-0s Learning Model) achieved their sales quotas in 6 months vs. 15 months.
    • Return on Investment (ROI) by Adopting 3 O's Model of Learning:
    • trained 1,440 new sales hires per year
    • reduced training requirements by 9 months
    • sales people able to achieve individual quota of US$5M each
    • incremental revenue = $3.5 trillion.

(See Jay Cross' slides here on SlideShare)


Continuous Professional Distance Education for Health Professionals (HIV/AIDS)

This action research pilot project explores the potential of the 3-Os learning model. Details of the research proposal can be found at:


Global Curriculum Development for Educators (using WikiEducator as a technology backbone/platform)

WikiEducator's innovative and highly-scalable Learning4Content e-learning model (which has trained 3,500+ educators from 110+ countries in wiki skills over 18 months). In the process, WikiEducator has become a top 100,000 website with 12,000 users around the globe. (Alexa.com} In October 2009, it recorded 10.5 million hits.

Community Media / Community Radio Community of Practice

LearnShare HIV AIDS (for Community Media & Health Professionals)


HeyWire8 Think Tank, New Zealand


OER New Zealand


Improving the dissemination and implementation of research


Natural Resources Canada Resources Wiki


Ensuring Relevant Content for Learners, Conference Attendees

Public Health Association of BC, 2010

  • Challenge: Obtain real-time information regarding learners' interests, and ensure up-to-date, relevant content.
  • Process:
  • Used a wiki as a tool before their summer school / conference, and as a followup to it (summer school). Create online opportunities to meet other students, learn their interests and target education / curricula to the learners
  • Learners put up their profile, pictures, shared interests as well as all conference materials and different links to different websites. Chats going with other learners before conference
  • Results: Allowed conference organizers to customize content, and target to learners' interests - before and during the conference.
  • Feedback: "I thought it was a really cool use of technology. It was a very interactive workshop." - a conference participant from the federal government.

Business Plan Development

Real Property Institute of Canada, CANADA, 2010

  • Challenge: To engage stakeholders to develop a 5-year 'evergreening' business plan, and ensure alignment with a renewed strategic vision, mission and mandate.
  • Process: Using an OD/change strategy and virtual / online collaboration and engagement process to support and mobilize stakeholders.
  • Results: In development (completion: August 2010)

Policy Development, Review & Recommendations

Health Canada Working Group, CANADA, 2010

  • Challenge: Rapid social media (wiki) development/deployment and facilitation of an inclusive and participatory pan-Canadian multi-stakeholder comment process for qualitative inputs to the final report of a Health Canada Working Group.
  • Process: Identified and gathered business requirements; surveyed and engaged stakeholders; used iterative, rapid prototyping to align and design synchronous and asynchronous workflows; developed learning and navigation tutorials; and provided facilitation and 7/24 technical support for a secure ICT/wiki deployment, use and adoption.
  • Results: Thirty-five (35) diverse stakeholders from across Canada (i.e., across domains, geography and time zones) provided 90 comments in seven days. A second round of comments were included. The comments were incorporated into the Final Report of a Health Canada Working Group.

By-law Development and Governance Review

Community College Consortium for Open Education Resources (CCCOER)

  • Challenge:
  • Process:
  • Results:

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