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Key Questions

what's the issue?

Sustaining Workshop Learning & Action Planning: Keep the Momentum Going

  1. Develop internal expertise, confidence and capacity as a learning community
  2. Build online trust and enable staff to rapidly evolve and transition to new roles and responsibilities.
  3. Provide online, real-time mentoring to workshop participants.
  4. Continue online, real-time mentoring support, as workshop action plans are implemented.
  5. Continue learning conversations online after a project workshop or between meetings.

what's our approach?

what are we going to deliver?

  • outputs
  • outcomes

benefits to the client for agreeing to move forward

Leveraging the Connected, Social Web 2.0 / Networked Learning Organizations
  1. Create a continuous learning organization from within by stakeholders, leveraging on the connected networked possibility of Web 2.0 learning technologies
  2. Enable permanent access to learning - leveraging social media, mobile technologies, 24/7 access, games-based vs. asynchronous training, and limited access.
  3. Encourage, stimulate and unleash the power of an organization's connected knowledge and social networks
  4. Develop a participatory collaboration environment that allows employees to co-design their future, and focuses on knowledge sharing as a sustainable and renewable resource
  5. Nurture a climate of openness, sharing and self-organization aligned to achieve the organization's needs
  6. Leverage social media, networking and learning technologies (i.e., Skype, YouTube, SlideShare, Go To Meeting, Elluminate, and Wikis) for tangible results.