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Char PSI Tutor:Mentor
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Occupation:Online Tutor:Mentor
Other roles:research designer, poet, hiker
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Today is: 20, 08 2014

My sandbox


My Profile

My name is Charmayne (Char) Paul and I am an Online Tutor:Mentor.

I help students across the globe to research; structure their writing and to critically/statistically analyse their projects. Proofreading is always included as well.

I have been an ESL conversation tutor for over 5 years. As a mentor I provide students with a point of contact for general study skill questions and make referrals where able.

Professional Background

I have a Bachelors Degree in Psychology (Hons)from JCU, Cairns. I was a tutor and casual lecturer at my local uni for 2.5 years whilst undertaking my Masters in Research in Psychology. Became disillusioned with the lack of student focus as part of the teaching staff and left with only 3 months to go on my Masters.

Am considering an online post-grad degree to begin halfway through 2010 and will focus on education psychology.

I am currently completing my TESOL certificate online.

Edufire has been a platform for me to develop online class materials and to create pdfs of these to sell online. I am taking language courses at Edufire to better appreciate the cultures of students that use my services. As my business is now sustainable I am fortunate enough to be able to develop as a professional thorugh courses such as this and other online courses.

Assignments Complete WikiEd course ~:-)

Personal Background

Anglo-Australian who resides in tropical north Queensland. Works from home. Spends days learning, helping others with their learning, gardening, being driven crazy by my pet companions who want constant attention, and food ~:-)

My Interests

Learning and contributing to the wider community, hiking, gardening, reading reading reading, discovering what crafts I am able to do so that I can recycle better.


My Projects

Short story comp by 31st Oct NaNoWriMo 2009! Poetry workshops Coherent blog and membership page Finish veggie garden Learn 500 words and phrases of at least 5 languages by end of 2010

Ohhh... My Projects here for this workshop ~:-)

A wiki education page to support the 4th year psychology students undertake their first research project at my local uni. A distinct need for more support and basic understanding of stats was continuously stated by the students. 4th year does not have to be a drama~ unless your a lecturer who has lost their passion for student learning development (smile).

My Sandbox

EL4C38 WiZiQ Meeting
Wiki Skills & Collaborative Learning
Saturday, May 29, 2010
1:00pm GMT


/Thesis Reading List


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Online Tutor:Mentor


Web Resources

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My Reflection

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