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The origins of Notesmaster

The ideas behind Notesmaster first surfaced in 2003, when a then CSEC Economics teacher found there was a shortage of online material catering exclusively to the needs of his Caribbean students.

Together with two associates, a Guyanese and a Jamaican, he set about tackling the huge challenge of bringing the best of the world wide web to Caribbean teachers and students. The solution needed to be highly tailored and present images and examples in contexts relevant to Caribbean life. It also needed to be free to all users.

Now under the umbrella of Dundas & Associates Limited, the trio set about designing and building a tailored learning platform that would meet these needs. However, central to these needs was the role of the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC), who for 30 years have successfully presided over exams in the region. The Notesmaster team contacted CXC and both parties found common ground in their vision for online education in the region and thus a partnership was formed.

To further this partnership and help in the development of a series of Master content, freely available to all CSEC and CAPE students through Notesmaster, CXC contacted the Commonwealth of Learning (COL).

COL is the world's only intergovernmental organisation dedicated solely to promoting and delivering distance education and open learning. Through CXC, COL is the final piece of the jigsaw that has been assembled to create a free world-leading resource to serve this generation of learners and all those that follow.

About Notesmaster


Notesmaster is a free learning portal for all Teachers and Students of CXC® CSEC® and CXC® CAPE®. It is centred around providing easy access to the best learning materials available and serves as a home for Caribbean online education.

Registration is free and provides access to a large pool of first class and structured educational materials created by practising teachers. These materials are published in the Notes section and are for use by teachers and students for their own purposes. Teachers are encouraged to participate by utilising the resources in their class or by publishing their own notes for the benefit of students and other teachers around the Caribbean.

As Notesmaster is a free resource, every student has the chance to register and learn. They may learn from their teacher or any other teacher and following a recently signed partnership with the Caribbean Examinations Council, students will soon be able to learn from an 'official' set of notes created by the council themselves, with help from the Commonwealth of Learning.

On registration, all teachers and students receive a virtual sylabus for all the subjects they have taken. This contains the same objectives they have to learn in class. Each students is free to create their own notes, or save copies of notes created and published by theirs or any other teacher who has joined Notesmaster. Onbly teacher are able to publish content to the Notes tab. So the portal works as follows.

Teachers join and create notes in the virtual desk, called MyDesk. If they choose to publish that content, then it appears in the Notes area in the same specific part of the vitual syllabus. Students are then able to broswe this Notes are and if they like a particular copy of notes save it to their virtual desk. Students may save notes from theirs or any other teacher.


Notesmaster currently caters for the Caribbean region, in particular CXC CSEC and CAPE examinations.

A preview of version 2.3

coming soon.

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