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This is a page for working on some ideas for improving EL4C Workshop


Collaborative Activity


Outputs: By the end of this activity, participants:

Duration of EL4C##COP Coffee Lounge: Workshop. Starting activities since first day.

Output for this activity (Einstein' Page) could be published in:

Previous Tasks

Creation of a temporal (perhaps) EL4C Community of Practice and Collaborative Activity:


1. Creation of page EL4C##COP (## stands for the specific workshop number)

  • Name (Facilitator) -
  • Name (Cofacilitator/Junior facilitator) -
  • Fulano (Participant) -
  • Zutano (Participant) -
  • Mengano(Participant) -
  • Perengano(Participant) -

2. Design of (standard) Einstein's User Page contents

Content should include:

Note: Einstein's main page would keep intact. The community would work on a specific subpage. One per workshop. (e.g. User:Einstein/EL4C21 ).

Some of this info should be preloaded. Rest is up to participants creativity.

Content of EL4C##COP Page

1. EL4C Navigation Template

2. Page's Logo and Wellcome message

Something like "Welcome to Cofee Break Lounge of EL4C Community of Practice"


3. Brief explanation of Communities of Practice

Community of Practice is...

4. Description of the collaborative Activity

Creating a story, something like:

Our novice physics teacher Einstein is begging for some help for developing his User Page ...

5. Participant's List

Instructions for adding link to User Name at corresponding Participant name. Perhaps a nice framed image hanging in a wall containing the following text:

Newcomer? Please find yourself in the list and add a link to your User Page.

Problems adding your link?

For more info about adding links to user page please see Internal Links

Seek for yourself in the list. Is your user name displayed by your Name?

Example of Participants List (pre-ellaborated by facilitator/cofacilitator/junior facilitator)

5. Visitors' Book.

Please sign our visitors book.

Use "Note" template syntax: {{note|Message including signature}}. For adding your signature see instructions here: Help:Signature

(image:comment.gif: Hi folks, it's great to be here. I'm enjoying this workshop. What about you?--Einstein 17:55, 5 March 2009 (UTC))

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