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Portfolio Activity


The Electricity company has sent out a revised brochure showing a 20% increase in the cost of running each appliance and offering a $10 reduction if your account is paid early.

Using the revised data, make changes to your spreadsheet to reflect the new information.

  1. Create a column called 20% Increase and key the following data into the appropriate row. The 20% Increase column should be inserted after Cost per Hour
    Clothes Dryer 0.1844
    Computer 0.0505
    Fan Heater 0.0581
    Television 0.0654
    Oven 0.0665
    Stereo 0.0751
  2. Insert a new column after the 20% Increase column and name it Total Cost per Hour
  3. Calculate the Total Cost per Hour (Cost per Hour + 20% Increase)
  4. Insert a new column after Total Cost per Hour and name it % Increase
  5. Calculate the percentage increase and format to percentage and zero decimal places (‘Total Cost per hour’ / ‘Cost per hour’). This will provide you with a check that the company has provided the correct information that you entered previously – your answer should be 120%.
  6. Modify the formula in Costs per Day to reflect the new column called Total Cost per Hour
  7. Insert a new column after Cost per Month and name it Early Payment
  8. Subtract $10 off each appliance’s Cost per Month
  9. In cell A15 enter Average Running Cost. In Cell B12 calculate that average cost to run all appliances per month. Format to two decimal places.
  10. In cell A16 enter Max Cost per Hour. In Cell B13 calculate the maximum for Costs per Hour. Format to two decimal places.
  11. In a new sheet create a pie graph (Chart Layout 1) using data in the Appliance and Cost per Month columns. Name the graph Appliance Costs. Name the sheet Appliance Cost Graph.
  12. In a new sheet create a column graph using data in the Appliance, costs per hour and Total costs per hour. Name the graph New Appliance Costs. Name the sheet New Appliance Cost Graph.
  13. Use the checklist below to review your work before submitting the revised spreadsheet.


  • The spreadsheet file has been located and opened.
  • The new variables have been entered.
  • The new columns have been created
  • The formulae have been altered
  • Correct cell ranges have been used to produce two graphs as part of the solution.
  • The revised spreadsheets have been printed out in hard copy.
  • Formulae have been entered and formatted correctly.
  • The spreadsheet has been formatted and headings are consistent.