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While it was relatively easy to work out the previous sections, this part of the project needed some additional effort <smile>. Since we have mentioned some constraints in our main document, it was clear that recommendations also needed a small place.

The openness of wikieducator is also its success. The record shows the number of participants increasing everyday. Maybe the following recommendations(if they do not already exist) can facilitate collaborative practices on a wiki.

  • Create a culture of trust within the wiki for example by including some activities aimed at breaking the ice in between the participants, to get them to know each other better before they start their “real” activities. It is important to set up and maintain a culture of trust so that participants feel safe in their environment and are encouraged to experiment the renewed possibilities that wikieducator offers.
  • The tutorials on wikieducator have been very helpful in learning wiki skills. However a very important aspect in the effective use of a wiki such as wikieducator is collaboration. Maybe a few tutorials may be added which will concentrate on collaborative skills and proper organisation of common projects. One example may be building of a common userpage.
  • Some Online tutorials could also be added to the workshop that will make the educational resources available, more interactive and lively for example, a tutorial focussed on the creation of animated links could be included in the workshop.
  • Since mastering more complex wiki skills(such as how to add graphs and so on)is imperative for educators from different fields to be able to enhance the quality of the resource they donate as free content, longer workshops may be organised that will allow more wiki skills to be acquired.
  • Wikiembassadors are doing a great job in promoting wikieducator around the world. However there are many institutions out there that can benefit greatly from wikieducator but that are not even aware of its existence. Individual invitations may be posted to different instituions around the world that may find the wikieducator content relevant.Campaigns of awareness may be organised to bring people to join a noble cause, that of building educational resources for those that need it. Advertisements may be posted to promote the activities of wikieducator.
  • It would be interesting if the Wiki Educator team could try to come up with designs of pages and templates that would be appropriate to different levels and fields of expertise. Now we reckon that this is not an altogether easy task! However this may be worth looking into since it may provide more suitable formats for different sectors such as the academic sector and the Technical & Vocational Sector to develop their educational resources.
  • Model examples of collaborative activities .Since many people have never worked in a collaborative environment before, there is a need to model these behaviors and show them what they look like.
  • Every teacher can become a wikieducator and use this platform for teaching. Awareness and formation are the key points for vulgarising WikiEducator among educators of the world.