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WikiEducator is getting popular day by day. Its number of page visitors is increasing at an incredible rate. It looks set to reach its goal, which is to develop free version of education curriculums by the year 2015. We have, hence introduced WikiEducator to you, highlighted the importance, motivations, constraints of WikiEducator and we have added what our reflections and our personal opinions are concerning it. We do believe that WE is one of the main global communities

dedicated to the Design, Development, and Delivery of free content and to provide access to learning materials which will help for the development of a free education.

We would like to thank Mrs Sandhya Gunness and Mr Wayne Mackintosh for their continuous support and advice all along this project.

Creating content is good, to make this available to everyone, be it in soft or hard copy form is the challenge. We are now aware that there are projects for printed content to be made available to those who cannot have access to the other word, the Internet! We will keep on striving towards fruitful contribution to the project and ultimately help wikieducator to become even more successful with the collaboration of other contributors...

You can count on our support... good luck!