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(Comment.gif: Great project so far! I've refined your template to use one of WE's new template features. You will also find a useful tip about manipulating the heading display of sub-pages here -- keep up the impressive work! --Wayne Mackintosh 14:46, 24 May 2008 (UTC) )

Project: 'Reflexions on the wikieducator experience'

Wikiflexion logo.jpg

We have tried, in a very short period of time, to gather some information for this project which we hope can give an idea what we think of wiki and wikieducator. We are a group of student who came accross editing and providing content to wiki for the first time. Through this assignment we not only learnt about social networking, but also tried our best to put it into practice.

It was indeed a very good experience for us. Working in group is not always easy. We have had at some point in time differing point of view about certain thing which we sorted out quickly <smile>. Some of us had problems connecting to internet ...this also gave us an idea of why the digital divide is increasing day by day from those who do not even imagine that some part of the world have not even seen a webpage!