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Freedom Tunnel, courtesy of activefree
Free content, for the Wikieducator community, refers to the liberty to adapt, modify and use content without restrictions. The community endorses the Defnition of Free Cultural Works as the basis for differentiating free content from non-free content.

Content on Wikieducator uses a Creative Commons, Attribution Share-alike license which is a Copyleft license designed to ensure the future freedom of content on this Wiki. Creative Commons content that does not permit derivative works or includes the non-commercial restriction is non-free content, and not compatible with the license of WikiEducator.

The convergence of software and digital content formats has resulted in unique opportunities to develop content collaboratively, however this introduces the requirement to make source data available and the use of free file formats.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • Is all content provided here, totally and freely available?

Yes all content is freely available under the CC-BY-SA copyleft license.

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