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Interwiki links are external links that behave like internal links. Essentially, they are shortcuts to other mediawiki projects. For example the link to the wikipedia main page could be written using the external link notation

[ wikipedia] 

which results in this link to wikipedia or using the interwiki link notation

[[w:Main Page|wikipedia]]

which results in this link to wikipedia. The interwiki link method is shorter and more convenient once you are familiar with the notation.

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Key Point
Add a prefix to the internal link notation to create an interwiki link. The prefix for wikipedia is wikipedia or w as shown below:
[[w:Main Page|wikipedia]]

The following table gives examples of the interwiki prefixes that are available on WikiEducator:

prefix destination URL usage example interwiki link example
commons [[commons:MediaWiki]] commons:MediaWiki
mediazilla [[mediazilla:1209]] mediazilla:1209
wikibooks [[wikibooks:Main Page]] wikibooks:Main Page
wikimedia [[wikimedia:Main Page]] wikimedia:Main Page
wikinews [[wikinews:Main Page]] wikinews:Main Page
wikiquote [[wikiquote:Main Page]] wikiquote:Main Page
wikisource [[wikisource:Main Page]] wikisource:Main Page
wikispecies [[wikispecies:Main Page]] wikispecies:Main Page
wiktionary [[wiktionary:Main Page]] or [[wikt:Main Page]] wiktionary:Main Page or wikt:Main Page
wikipedia [[wikipedia:Main Page]] or [[w:Main Page]] wikipedia:Main Page or w:Main Page

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Have a go at entering interwiki links on your user page sandbox.

Step 1: Click on the link to your user page (remember it's located in the top right of the screen) and open your sandbox page (For example My sandbox).

Step 2: Use the syntax descriptions above to add interwiki links to your favourite mediawiki project into your sandbox.