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What really makes the Wiki a great tool for collaboration is its facility to enable communication between participants in the same environment that authoring is taking place. Pay attention to Talk pages while looking through the wiki and you may notice that often there are rich discussions taking place in these spaces. Use your watchlist as a way to keep track of projects and pages you are particularly interested in and turn on the email function in your user preferences to keep informed quickly of changes to pages you are watching.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • How do I log off from Web chat after logging in with a nickname?
  • Where do I go to email someone who knows more than I do? Where do I find this person?

Good question - for privacy reasons - email addresses are not provided by default. It's a free choice of the user to add their email. In the wiki world we communicate with other users by going to the talk page of the user concerned and leaving a message there. Where do you find people to help you - The Help page has a list of people who are willing to help on various aspects of editing or using the Wiki. We also have an IRC channel which is a kind of chat where you may find other WikiEducators. To access this click on the Web Chat link in the Community box the left.